Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get your very own mail art from Ralph Thomas!

Ralph Thomas's mail art

When I returned from my mid-July vacation, this lovely mail art surprise awaited me. Of course I had to check out his website, so thoughtfully listed on the card at www.ralphthomas.com, and learned that he's doing a postcard-a-day project. He's sending one postcard of his own mail art every day for a year, and he's only in his second or third month now.

He says of his project, "I will change my postcard design each month. I draw them by hand (sloppiness and flaws included) then silk screen the design onto cut out cereal boxes. The theme is 'stuff every kid wishes he could order from a cereal box'. I have no real purpose for doing this except maybe I get tired of computer graphics and just need to make stuff the old-fashioned way."

If you visit his website, you'll see that he's actively seeking folks to whom to send a card, and I secured his permission to blog about it: he'd be delighted to have you lovely blog readers sign up to receive your very own postcard. Again, you can see his info at ralphthomas.com.

The little octopus is my fave detail...

2 FRUITY Colors in Every Puff!


  1. I did so and thanks so much I hope I get honored by receiving one of these . more foo-fa-lah for my stash !!! LOL !!!

  2. I like the shipping and handling costs.

  3. Drat! Just saw the fine print! :( Got a postcard ready to go to Ralph in tomorrow's mail. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Haha, I have actually thought the same thing. I love your blog, it makes me quite envious with all of the lovely mail you receive! I think I might just have to send something your way today :)

    PS. Wow at the above postcard! Totally signed up.

  5. Oh how delightful, teacup! I shall look forward to it!