Friday, August 6, 2010

Swedish Postal Museum postcard painting

Swedish Postal Museum painting by Hans Arnold

A pen pal from Sweden sent me this amazing postcard of a painting by one of her favorite artists, Hans Arnold - and the building depicted is the Swedish Postal Museum! How lovely.

It also featured these excellent stamps! I don't get a lot of mail from Sweden, so they are extra-special.

Does anyone else marvel at the different names we have for countries than they have for themselves? That always intrigues me. Germany is Deutschland, Sweden is Sverige, Finland is Suomi, etc...


  1. The one that really gets me is The Netherlands/Holland. Plus they're Dutch, not Netherlandish or Hollandish. Weird. Then again, us Brits can get a bit picky over United Kingdom/Britain/England, depending on which territories you're including ;)

  2. I have a sister who just came back from visiting Finland with her Finish Boy friend. She had a great time. I always envied her travels.

  3. I always found it interesting. And your heh lucky to have a pal in Sweden thats one of my must have pal countries. Beautiful postcard.

  4. It's even more confusing when Germans use "German" in a word. :) German Studies = "Germanistik", for example. I think it has to do with where it came from - I know a number of English names for German cities come from the Roman, for example Cologne. So that is probably a big part of it.

  5. Gorgeous stamps. I just had some fun on google translate seeing how "United States" translates in different countries/languages.

  6. The Swiss postage says Helvetica, which I guess is an old Latin word for Switzerland, as well as a font, and Hungary's says Magyarorszag. Those two confused me when I first started on PostCrossing. Lithuania is Lietuva which still makes me start to register as Latvia.

    I like the postcard because it is a postcard featuring a postal theme, but the art is so very busy. I would always be thinking something would sneak out of the picture in the middle of the night if this was hanging in my house.

  7. The different names are amusing - and I always wonder if we come across as arrogant to other people when we refer to the United States (United States of what?), but I guess the same could be said for the United Kingdom.

  8. it is pretty interesting how as an outside countr we call others by...well, what we know them to be! so whenever i hear these other names, esp. when it's the first time for a country, it's kind of a 'wait..what?!' moment, haha. for instance, bianca always refers to the USA as just 'the states' when we talk/write, so i'm interested in what the other simple names or not so simple (but nice!) names there are for america.

    and with the UK, i often just refer to it as the UK unless someone specifically asks me to write england or britian..etc. :]
    - L

  9. What a wonderful postcard from Sweden. Great stamps too!
    I noticed that our post office out here is finally starting to sell more sets of postcards .
    They are using the stamps and converting them into postcards.
    I think it's so cool.