Monday, February 15, 2016

My 10-year Postcrossing Anniversary, and an etsy bargain


I write about Postcrossing a lot on this blog. (I recently received the lovely colorful cat illustration postcard shown above, DE-4784491, from Germany.) It's one of my favorite mail pastimes, and I've been Postcrossing far longer than I've had this blog. For a look through the years, you can check out all my posts tagged with Postcrossing. There are a ton of them.

I am really excited for an upcoming milestone: next month (March 2016) I will celebrate 10 years with Postcrossing. Wow! I wasn't active all the time -- there were definitely a few dormant years in there, and sometimes I send more than others -- but it is really fun to think about how long it's been in my life, and how many thousands of postcards I've exchanged. (As of this post, I've received 1599*, sent 1605, and have 16 traveling -- but those numbers are constantly changing!) I have lived in, and sent postcards from, 4 different states throughout my 10 years of Postcrossing participation.

To celebrate my 10-year anniversary, I'd like to offer a little unofficial discount in my etsy shop, where I sell, among other things, original designs of mail-themed postcards. If you order postcards in my shop, mention "Postcrossing" in the notes to seller section when you place your order, and I'll throw in an extra postcard . That's 6 postcards instead of 5, and I will do that for every postcard pack ordered (up to 5 postcard packs / extra postcards total). This offer is good from now through March 31, 2016.

Happy mailing, and happy Postcrossing!

*Update: a few hours after I originally wrote this post, I received Postcrossing postcard #1600. Woo-hoo!


  1. I love my Zesty French Postman postcards! :) I think my mailman likes them, too; he has been much friendlier lately.

    1. I LOVE IT! This is wonderful feedback, thanks so much - so glad you enjoy them.

  2. Congrats on your 10th anniversary! And what a generous offer. May you have many more years of postal enjoyment.

  3. wow! 10 years of post crossings! congratulations :) i am heading over to your shop to grab a few postcards! thanks for the discount/offer :D

  4. Hello! 10 years is really great time. I am a member for 44 days for now :) I really enjoy it. Jolana

  5. Hello,
    I am a new to Postcrossing. I look forward to all the different postcards. any recommendations or thoughts for newbies starting out.

    1. Hi Mary - enjoy Postcrossing! Suggestions to newbies:
      *don't forget to write the postcard ID (every now and again, I still do that -oops)
      *don't get hung up if someone has specific requests and you can't meet them
      *be prepared for surprises
      *have fun!