Sunday, January 22, 2012

New U.S. postage rates today (2012)

Today is the day when the latest round of postage rate increases take effect. Don't ask me why the new rate starts on a Sunday, when there is no mail delivery or postmarks, because I have no idea. If anyone can answer that question, please, comment away! (Pictured above is the new 2012 international rate stamp, featuring Lancaster County, PA)

The new rates are as follows:

  • Letters within USA (up to 1 oz.) – 45 cents
  • Letters additional ounces – unchanged at 20 cents
  • Postcards within USA – 32 cents
  • Letters and postcards to Canada or Mexico (up to 1 oz.) – 85 cents
  • Letters and postcards to other international destinations – $1.05

  • Source: Postal Service Adjusts Mailing Services Prices for 2012

    "Forever" stamps will reflect the current first-class rate. So, if you are using a numbered stamp, or a Zazzle-bought stamp etc and it says 44 cents, you'll need to make sure you add a 1-cent stamp. However, if you're using a Forever stamp, it becomes worth 45 cents so you don't need to add extra postage.

    All postage released at first-class rate in 2012 will be Forever, and all of the later releases in 2011 were Forever stamps. As much as I miss the numbers, and combining old/vintage stamps to provide the proper face value, I have to admit that the Forever designation is handy and a good value.

    Happy mailing!