Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wax seals, how I love them...

Lightbulb wax seal

This came from a correspondent in the UK. The photo doesn't do it justice - the wax is metallic, a swirl of copper and bronze - just gorgeous! By the smell and feel, I'd say this is real wax and not the imitation plastic stuff. What fun to receive a letter sealed with wax!

Eric the Toucan

One of my more creative UK correspondents has a toucan wax seal, which he has named Eric. He wrote me a letter a while back in which Eric got mangled in the post, but his second attempt to send me an Eric seal was successful.

I don't know why I've never managed to get into using wax seals myself. My husband even has a seal and some sealing wax that he's offered to let me use. I guess I feel like I already have too many addictions around letter-writing (stationery, fountain pens, ink, rubber stamps, stickers...) that I don't want to set myself up with another one.