Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Owls + California

Owls + California

My grandfather, who worked for the post office for most of his adult life, has bequeathed his stamp collection to my mother and me, on the condition that we'd actually appreciate it and use it. We're saving some, I think, but he has masses and masses of them. My mother has the stamps, and she's taken to sending me a few sheets in each letter, so I get her letters PLUS the gift of cool vintage stamps!

They are such a treasure. More wonderful old stamp photos are sure to come.

(On this letter, I was proud of myself for using the California stamp, since this letter went to California.)

One nota bene for vintage stamp enthusiasts: old glue does not hold well. They tend to fall off envelopes, as my mom and I report to each other on our letters which ones make it and which don't... (and some of my faithful correspondents have clued me in to this as well). The letters still seem to come through okay, but my little tip is to dab just a tiny bit of glue on the envelope where the stamp goes, to ensure a safe passage.