Friday, December 31, 2010

Where outgoing letters await their journey, part 2

mail holding pen

I always love to see where people stack their letters before they hit the mail. You know, the product of a day's or evening's letter-writing, where all the proud mail pieces sit until they begin their postal journey. A while back I posted about how I lined them up on the staircase, a sort of natural resting spot near the front door in my old apartment, but no such architecture presented itself naturally in this new place.

Mail is ready

My husband insisted I should have something special (he is a good egg, that one), and I searched and searched for something just right. I came up with this metal item because it is both mail-evocative, with the envelope design, and because the front flap is a great place to secure/hang something whose glue, glitter or adhesive is still drying, to keep it separate from the other mail piled up in the back. And I can still get a good view of what's in there, and when it's full.

Envelope mail sorter by door

If you don't read my blog all that closely or regularly, you may think the bat is just Halloween decor, but no... my love of bats keeps that little purse-item hanging there year-round. It serves as not only decor but also a catcher for overflow mail, on days when I've been particularly productive.

Door with letter bin

I know someone will ask, so I'll just share that I found this Umbra Lettro Brushed Aluminum Letter Organizer very reasonably priced on Amazon.

Where do your letters await their journey?


  1. Mine usually go straight to the Coolidge St mail box. Or if I need to take them to the PO I rest them on top of my purse until i'm ready to go. I've been thinking of making a little indoor mailbox. Did you make them out of paper bags as a kid for valentines? We did. I'll have to fashion something out of cardboard maybe...

    Happy New Year! I hope you have an awesome 2011 Ilona!! : )

  2. Mine go in a letter sized basket that hangs on the railing post at the top of the stairs. My mailman insists on my mail being bundled in an elastic, so I also keep a supply of elastics in the basket.

    I love that yours has a "let dry completely" flap!

    Happy 2011, Missive Maven! Have you seen the new stamp designs for 2011?

  3. PostMuse, I have indeed seen the new stamp designs - I am bummed that they'll all be "forever" stamps, but some of the designs are lovely.

  4. I was initially very excited about the all Forever® commemoratives, but that ended when I started reading how this makes the stamps less interesting for collecting. I wonder if the USPS will have a change of heart.

  5. Mine usually go in my bag so I can post them on my way to or back from work. before that I might keep them on my side table that's is near my front door

    Love the bat purse :)

    Happy New Year !

  6. I have a nice little table I keep at the door to collect both incoming and outgoing mail. The mailman makes his rounds pretty early at my building so I like to have a little pile by 9:30pm or so and take it out to the mail slot. That way I don't have to deal with it in the morning. :) It was my dad's idea to get the table to throw things on when I come inside and I'm glad he thought about that!

    Speaking of the Forever stamps, I don't understand why I'm disappointed that they're all becoming the same but I am, too. I feel like there's something missing in that. But I'm glad they'll all have better designs from now on. (I'm really not a fan of the Liberty Bell design.)

  7. My husband (another good egg!) surprised me by buying an old-fashioned wooden mail holder at a local estate sale and then attaching it to the wall next to our front door. He may not understand why I write so many letters but if I'm happy, he is happy. =)

  8. I love your postbox. Me and Andy are looking into buying one as well.
    P.S. I really like your bat purse.