Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kirk and Spock as Lone Ranger and Tonto


I sent this postcard to a Postcrosser in the Netherlands who is a Trekkie (i.e. someone who loves Star Trek). I wrote that I don't know whether I'm knowledgeable and dedicated enough to call myself a Trekkie, but I am certainly a Star Trek fan.

This fun parody postcard shows Captain Kirk and Spock in garb that I think is meant to spoof the Lone Ranger and Tonto, and there is a bit of a romantic tension going on, don't you think?

The work is "Besame Mucho," oil on wood from 2005 by Isabel Samaras, from the fantastic "On Tender Hooks" postcard book via Chronicle Books, home of so many fine postcard collections.


  1. this IS amazing!! (watching Voyager now...)

  2. "there is a bit of a romantic tension going on, don't you think?"

    Just like in the original. ;)

  3. I think the title of this picture is 'I wish I could quit you.'

    1. Bev, the title listed on the back of the postcard is "Besame Mucho."

  4. There is definitely a little tension behind the eyes,I love Bev's comment, so true! I love this postcard! I own the set and am a huge Star Trek fan.

  5. I'm the lucky postcrosser she's talking about and I absolutely LOVE this card!!!