Friday, May 18, 2012

The Elevated Envelope: a mail art exchange project

Blog reader Rosemary recently tipped me off to a new mail blog, The elevated envelope. Not only a blog to show and encourage pretty mail, it also seems to be a mail art exchange project: "a project where creative strangers from all over the world send each other artistic snail mail." It runs "every 6-8 weeks or so" and full details, including sign-ups, are on the elevated envelope blog. I'm not a participant myself, just passing along a tip about the site. If nothing else, it's worth a look for all the great mail photos!


  1. Woah, that website is a gem!
    By the way, I've sent you a little envelope a while ago, could you, please, tell me whether it ever reached you :)

  2. Glad you like the website.

    Annie, short answer regarding your envelope: probably.
    Long answer: I am months and months behind in my correspondence, and I get quite a lot of mail. More than I can handle. I'm afraid I need a little more identifying information, and then some amount of free time, not forthcoming before June, to parse through my mail to confirm.

    1. Thanks for the reply!It'd be great if you could take your time and check whether you have itor not whenever you have free time! I am asking you that because our post office might have simply not deliver it :(
      The second picture in this post on my blog is what i sent you!

  3. She really does have a great site.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I received your postcard!! Thank you so much, I feel like my mail street cred has now increased by like 100 points because THE Missive Maven sent me a postcard. :-)

  4. Thanks for your compliments, Mary - I'm glad the postcard arrived, but really, I'm just another devoted snail-mailer just like so many others.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I have already signed up for the June exchange and I can't wait.

  6. Sara, do let us know how the June exchange goes! I'd love to hear more about that project from a participant.

  7. This is great! I've signed up for the next exchange and am looking forward to it. I have a related question, though, that I'm hoping you might know the answer to. Do you know how to make an envelope? I know a lot of people are making their own, but I don't know how to do it.

  8. JoAnna - I hope you love it, do let us know how it goes. As for envelopes, of course. You can check out all my blog posts about handmade envelopes, or just go directly to my step-by-step tutorial with photos. I'll note that you don't need a fancy plastic template like mine - you can take apart and trace any envelope whose dimensions you like, then just cut and fold. Be careful that you don't glue the envelope closed while you're making it. Have fun! Also, there are hundreds if not thousands of tutorials and photos online, on other blogs.

  9. i came across another cool letter writing project you might want to check out:
    i keep thinking i'm going to do it, i love the sound of it, and while i keep coming back to 'the time! where's the time?' i also think: that's how i'd like to be spending my time!

  10. Molly - I've been a fan and a follower of Dante's wardrobe for years, and it's been linked from my blog (in the pen/ink/etc section) for years, too. I think the specific project to which you are referring must be the recent Fictional correspondence post. Although that's not personally my cup of tea, it is indeed a lovely and creative project.