Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alpaca Mail, or, a Llama letter

Alpaca Mail

I don't blog about kawaii stationery very often, because in truth I'm very fussy about what kawaii I like, but I think this Q-Lia Notumotu Alpaca Llama Letter set is pretty darn awesome. I mean, fuzzy wagging alpaca butts? How can one resist?

a Llama Letter

You can see this went to a friend at camp. I think a Llama letter makes some fine camp mail.


  1. these are really cute! I'm really picky with my 'kawaii' stationery too, some things kawaii are just to over the top for me.

    but llama! how can one resist llamas? :)

  2. What is kawaii? I've never heard that term before.

  3. Beautiful!
    I like alpacas a lot, they are like huge poodles! :)

  4. Joanna - seriously?!? You must not have dabbled much in the stationery world. Here's how Wikipedia defines kawaii, which is a pretty good place to start.

    Sirpa - I'd never thought about llamas as being like huge poodles, but I love the comparison!