Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A candid glimpse of my writing desk in action

Writing desk in action, 3 July 2012

Last night I wrote a long-overdue response to a letter from blog reader The Real Miss Monogram. She asked me a lot of questions about my letter-writing and mail habits, and one of the last questions was about my writing desk. She thought the photos I posted of it looked "too nice," and wanted to know if it really looked like that.

I think what she was getting at was that it looked neat and organized. HA! Looks can be deceiving... but it is fairly organized. As I wrote to her in my letter, I need to have a clean writing surface beckoning to me in order to be encouraged and inspired to sit there and write. But I did admit that I usually take photos of it right after I've tidied it up - and the tidying process is a constant one, given my shifting supplies and moods. In any case, I told her I'd take a photo RIGHT THEN in the middle of the letter to show what a "candid," or at least unplanned, untidied glimpse of my writing desk would reveal.

This is it, Soda and all.

And now it's time to go back to that writing desk and get some mail going!


  1. Ha! She wants messy -- she should see mine....on second thought, maybe nobody should see mine....
    Soda is lovely!

  2. My desk is in chaos. Every weekend I look on it with despair and think I really must tidy it, but it never seems to happen! It's covered in letters and mail-related items that I so easily (and very quickly!) become distracted...

  3. Impressively organized.

    Would love to feature your Etsy stuff on my site. I'm hosting an Open Call to lover of mail art and letter writing.

    Details here:

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I used the sidebar "Contact me" box on your blog to follow up on this. Thanks for your comments!