Friday, August 10, 2012

Magical Creatures Postcard swap

Red Dragon postcard

Do you like fairies? Dragons? Unicorns? Elves? I do! And I love fantasy artwork. I feel like I could use a little magic in my life right now, so I created the Magical Creatures Postcard Swap on Swap-bot. If you're interested in swapping a magical creature postcard, do check it out!

It's an international swap, with only one partner, so you only need one of those magical postcards on hand. The sign-up deadline is on August 13, and the send deadline is a week later on August 21. I hope to see lots of interested folks joining in the swapping of magical creatures!


  1. Hi! If you have any witches or elves, I'd love to swap with you! I have some interesting Russian folklore creatures to offer )

    1. Annie, this swap is done through Swap-bot, so if you're interested, by all means follow the links and sign up for the Swap-bot swap there.

  2. Oh I'd so love to enter, but it's really hard to find cards like this here in Estonia! But I adore magical creatures. I'm just reading a big encoclypedia about different mythical creatures, it's so interesting! Anyhow, good luck with the swap!! :)