Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mail doldrums

I have a confession to make, and I am doing it here with a goal in mind, in hopes of making that announced goal come true.


I haven't read my mail in two weeks. Letters and postcards from September 10 onward are sitting in a pile on my writing desk. I have a ritual with reading mail that involves logging my mail in my letter log. Each piece gets noted, along with received date, postmark date, the date written (if they included it), and where it came from. It is also a ritual of slowing down and taking uninterrupted time at my writing desk.

What with the start of school (since I have summers off and work really hard the rest of the year, I'll wager my longtime readers have figured out that I'm a teacher) and the Jewish High Holidays (L'Shana Tovah! Happy New Year!), things have been madness. The little time I've had, I've spent in quality time with my beloved.

I've also not written any mail in those same two weeks. I miss it terribly!


Today is the day to read my mail, and hopefully to write some, too!


  1. Wow! I honestly cannot imagine not reading my mail for two weeks -- unless maybe I was in a coma (ha!). I can hardly wait to rip open my envelopes and
    read what's inside the second I get my hands on them...Hope you enjoy your mail today.
    PS And happy holiday to you.

  2. Motivational issues happen. I just hope you and yours are healthy and happy. These things work themselves out!

  3. Happy Holidays to you Missive Maven and good luck in achieving your goal to return to your regular letter writing schedule =-)

    BTW: I love the links to previous posts, especially on making your own envelopes - the templates and glue sound great! I do have my own templates, but the glue will REALLY come in handy! Thanks for the recommendations =-)

  4. Ah! I hope things are too too stressful! -sends you every single hug I can muster-
    Just kick back, drink something nice and cool, and enjoy the nice evening(as of my writing time)

  5. L' Shana Tova to you - I made honey spice cakes this year and passed them out to friends and family. You inspire me to write letters again.. right now it's only postcards from postXing.

  6. Shanah Tova (a bit late) to you too. May the New Year bring you peace, happiness and lots of letters.