Saturday, October 20, 2012

Really expired Postcrossing postcards

I knew Postcrossing postcards that were expired (postcards "expire" after 60 days, so the sender can be allowed to send another, accounting for things lost in the mail, people not registering them, etc) could still be registered if they were received later, but did you know they expire for good after 365 days? I didn't. I received a postcard from China last week, and it couldn't be registered. I tried to have the Postcrossing "robot" find the correct ID (if you haven't used the Postcrossing robot to find missing or incorrect IDs, I highly recommend it), and just received an email letting me know that the postcard ID from China was over 365 days old and thus couldn't be registered. It was postmarked in September 2012, so either the Postcrosser sat on it for a year, or mail from mainland China is even slower than I'd imagined!

Many of you may already know this tidbit, but it was news to me, so I just thought I'd share. Adventures in mailing...