Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's that time of year again...

Magic and the menorah 2

It's the appropriate time of year to go ahead and direct folks to my oft-viewed "A word on holiday cards, or, why I don't do Christmas" post.

If you're really interested, there's some fairly in-depth dialogue in the comments section.

The short bit: don't send me a Christmas card, please.

The long bit: read why.


  1. I run into the same problem! I know people mean well but what's the logic in sending me a card wishing my a Merry Christmas when I'm Buddhist and don't do Christmas?!

  2. Well Ilona I thought of you today when i was designing a card for the holidays. i know there are some who dont celebrate xmas including yourself. here is what i come up with. this way i can still send you a card and its from one of my own photos.

    1. Ria, it's so sweet that you think of me, but you really don't need to send me a card at all.