Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Roses and unicorns: new sticker seal designs

Unicorn sticker seal

I'm very excited to share with you three new envelope sticker seal designs I've just listed in my etsy shop. First, as seen above, we have a magical unicorn!

Unicorn sticker set

Who wouldn't want to seal a letter with a unicorn? Okay, I can think of some people who wouldn't, but I am not among them.

Rose sticker seal

Next up, a lovely bright seal with a single red rose in full bloom.

Rose sticker set

I love roses in real life and in artwork, and this large, lush red rose bloom in a vintage illustration is one of the loveliest I've seen.

Old-fashioned vase of roses sticker seal

Last but not least, there is a vase of blooming roses, overflowing with blossoms in yellow, pink, and red.

Old-fashioned vase of roses sticker set

I really enjoy the colors in this old-fashioned vase of roses, which is more subtle than the single large red blossom.

These three new sticker designs - unicorn, red rose, and old-fashioned vase of roses - are the new additions to my other three sticker designs - postman, To get a letter, write a letter, and letterbird - which have been around for a while but have proved fairly popular. I hope there are other letter writers out there who may enjoy these new designs, too.