Sunday, July 7, 2013

How did it get to be July?!?

Wow, July snuck up on me! June was a whirlwind with moving and starting a new life in a new city, but I'm feeling settled now. My apologies to all my lovely blog readers -- I confess I've been neglecting this blog. I've been out doing moving-in stuff, exploring DC, and, yes, I've been writing letters! In the difficult calculus of free time, I've opted to write letters instead of blog about writing letters. I've gotten some fun mail recently, though, so I do hope to blog about that soon... and maybe show my new writing desk setup.

I hope everyone is out there having a great summer, and enjoying many good mail days!


  1. I have been having the same thoughts, this year has gone quickly so far! Look forward to seeing your fun mail and your new writing desk set up! #geek

  2. Howdy.

    I've been following your blog for a while and was curious if, when you send your letters, if you use or experiment with using sealing wax? I've been using it to compliment my letters for a few months now and the recipients enjoy it - if only just so that everyone who sees them open it (or happen to deliver it) makes a comment. Sealed letters are sort of anachronistic but utterly Epistolary Gold, imo.

    Was just curious if you use it.


    1. Tom, I don't use sealing wax myself. Though I like decorative elements, it just always seemed a little too fussy for me. There were times when I was sore tempted, but I finally decided not to mess with it when I realized just how many wax seals get mangled in the mail. Our postal sorting machines are not made for, or kind to, sealing wax. However, I receive a great many letters with sealing wax (some seals intact, others mangled), and I always enjoy them. I've blogged about it quite a bit over the years. Since you asked, I'll advise you to check out all my posts tagged with sealing wax, and you'll find a lot of posts, photos, and reader comments.

  3. I wouldn't worry about your blog with so much else going on in your life. We won't desert you just because you take a break!

  4. Just wanted to say I hope you're happy in your new home, and with all your new surroundings!
    Best Wishes,
    JellySock, MrsSawbones, Imaginary Mary...etc.;-)

  5. Hello Ilona,
    I sent you some mail from Egypt before and have now moved to Ethiopia. Can you please send me your new address?

    1. Ana, I don't post my address publicly any more. Can you email me at missivemaven -at-