Sunday, December 1, 2013

V-mails are back!

WWII V-mail stationery

I'm pleased to report that I now have Vintage WWII V-mail stationery sets back in my etsy shop once again. These fantastic vintage papers were used by American soldiers and their loved ones in World War II to correspond via letters.

You can read more about V-mails in a previous blog post, or go have a look at them on etsy... and happy letter writing!


  1. Love your etsy shop. I will be making some purchases :)

    I've been looking at your blog through out the year and have admired the posts.
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in 2014 through the blog!

    happy holidays.

  2. Wow, these look great! Will pick them up once I have some more monnies :) I wanted to wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas & a happy New Year!

    1. I don't celebrate Christmas but thanks for your good wishes. Happy New Year to you, too.

    2. Lol, that's so funny since I don't celebrate it either!