Thursday, June 19, 2014

Postcard Happiness Project: send a postcard, make someone's day

I just learned about a sweet little project that I think my blog readers will love: The Postcard Happiness Project. Here's how they sum it up:
The postcard happiness project is a free initiative that enables us to send postcards to others who could benefit from a little postal kindness. This page is about potential happiness. It’s not meant to make you sad about challenging times. It’s designed to lift your spirits in the knowledge that there’s something small and inexpensive that you can do to lift a stranger’s spirits in a big way somewhere out there.
This is not for people looking for pen pals, it's for those of us who are stalwart senders, who just love to send mail anywhere, everywhere, without thought for a response.

On the Postcard Happiness blog, they post names and stories of people of all ages who need some encouragement. They could be depressed. They could be fighting cancer. They could be bedridden. They could have just suffered an assault. But they all need some brightness in their day, and you can send it in the form of a postcard.

No registration is required, and you can send as many or as few postcards as you'd like. The only cost is the postcard and the stamp. If you love to send mail, and it makes you feel good to make others feel good, go check it out.


  1. This is a good thing. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring link, this is such a great way to send snail mail. I love the idea.

  3. This is really interesting--thanks for posting it!

  4. So glad folks enjoyed this post! I haven't sent any postcards yet through this site, but I intend to this weekend.

  5. The forum at includes multiple requests, world wide, for all sorts of needs: post-partum mothers (etc) needing a cheering-up, birthday & wedding greetings, etc, under the Random Acts of Smileness topic:

    Most of the posters promise a thank you postcard back, which you can decline.

    Cheers, PostXer ikeyPikey

    1. Hi ikeyPikey - thanks for the tip. While I am an avid Postcrosser, I have not used the Postcrossing forums - but I hear from many others who do that they are fabulous.