Sunday, August 10, 2014

Silver lining: kittens Oberon and Stella

Stella kissing Oberon

In July I lost my two amazing and wonderful cats, Soda and Magic. Both were 17 years old and I had them since they were kittens. They were about a month apart in age, I got them both when they were somewhere between 6-10 weeks old, and they died two weeks apart.

July was a devastating month.

We thought we would want to wait before bringing new cats into our lives, but in fact Alex and I were both inconsolable without cats. An empty apartment, devoid of felines, was more grim than I could ever have imagined. I hope it is a tribute to the memory of the love we shared with Magic and Soda that we have brought two 4-month-old kittens into our family and our hearts.


Oberon is a deep and total glossy black...


...and Stella is a "Torbie," a tortoiseshell/tabby mix.

Both are about 4 months old. They are not littermates, Oberon is about one week older than Stella, but they were fostered together and are a deeply bonded pair. They adore each other, groom each other, and even eat and drink out of the same bowls (at the same time!).

It's too soon to say whether or not they'll be mail cats, but I suspect one if not both will be future members of the Feline Postal Brigade. You can count on me for updates on that front!

I haven't been doing much mail lately, in part because of grief over Magic and Soda, and in part because these two adorable kittens have kept my hands full. (Kittens! I'd forgotten how wonderful and time-consuming they are.)

Thanks to everyone for all the cards and words of comfort over the losses of dear Soda and Magic... I can't even express the grief so I will stop trying, but I appreciate the kind expression from animal lovers and caring souls from all corners of the world. I apologize if this sounds maudlin, but it's been a very intense time... and I am so grateful to the new kitten love that Oberon and Stella have brought into our lives.


  1. YAY!!!! New lovely kitties!! I'm so happy for you...and them!:-D

  2. Congrats. I'm happy for you. Kittens have a way of filling your heart up with love, don't they? When I lost my two kitties (12 hours apart, I feel your pain), I thought it would take me years to recover... Nope. It wasn't long after that there were three kittens running around... Cheers! Enjoy your little ones!

  3. I'm so glad to hear you have two new furry friends...and so cute...they'll never replace Soda and Magic but hopefully they'll lessen the pain of loss....I hope they both become mail kitties....I'll be looking forward to hearing about the adventures of Stella and Oberon....

  4. I'm so glad. I hope they bring you so much joy and happiness!!!

  5. Congratulations on your two new little ones! After we lost the first dog we had as a family (Cupie was with my parents before my sister and I were even born), our family went 3 years without a dog. Cupie passed in 1991 and we didn't get another dog until 1994, and even though it has been two decades, I still remember how lonely the house was without a beloved furbaby in it.

  6. I'm catching up! I've been remiss in reading my favorite blogs for many months but have re-discovered my Old Reader! So sorry about your dear cats - Oh I remember them.
    These new kitties look darling and, though they'll never replace your dears, they'll give your tons of joy. We never thought we'd get another cat after Boris but we did and, never a replacement, but a new purring companion.

  7. Congratulations on your new loves! Soda & Magic would not have wanted you to be sad. I believe it is a testament to them that you opened your hearts and lives to Oberon & Stella. I know these two adorable kitties bring you much joy & comfort. =)

  8. Still super sad for you about your loss, but these kittens are wonderful and adorable. Perfect to begin a new chapter!

  9. So glad you were able to open up your home and hearts to these two adorable kittens. I hope you are able to make happy memories with them as well.

  10. OMGosh, they are just too cute. Enjoy all the wonderful fun bonding times ahead.

  11. Thanks for all your sweet comments, everyone - we are definitely having a blast with these two lovelies! I can't believe we haven't even had them that long yet. We are pretty deeply bonded already.