Monday, October 13, 2014

Who's excited for Halloween?!?

Bat-themed Halloween postcard swap, front

Halloween is my favorite holiday. If you've been following my blog for long, you'll know I've done many, many posts about Halloween and Halloween mail. Partly this is because I adore bats, but also because I just like the spooky autumnal mood. I can't really explain why I love Halloween so much, I just do.

So it tends to be around Halloween that I'll jump back into Swap-bot for a couple of Halloween-type postcard swaps. I just participated in a Bat-themed Halloween postcard swap, which involved a handmade bat postcard. Can do! I had great fun using my bat washi tapes and stickers.

Bat-themed Halloween postcard swap, back

Of course this was a perfect occasion to use one of my brand-new Batman stamps, just issued last week.

Now that I'm posting the photos, I just realized that I never used any of my great bat rubber stamps on it! Oh well, there is plenty more mail (October and otherwise) for that.

Happy Halloween mailing!


  1. When I was at Michaels the other day, I was looking at all the puffy bat stickers in the scrapbooking section and thought of you. Your envelopes, as always are lovely! And the bats amplify that <3

  2. Halloween is absolutely the best season for crafting, mail, et cetera. I'll miss it when it's gone! I LOVE the mail you've created this year. Bats are probably my favorite part, too--I've been making bat confetti with my hole punch all month!

    1. Thanks for your compliments, Carly - and hey, we can extend Halloween and spooky themes all year! (I certainly do that...)

  3. Looks great! God, I'm into those Batman stamps!