Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow day = mail day

Snow day view

Today we have yet another snow day here in Washington, DC. It's predicted to be a lot of snow, even by DC's very low standards (I will refrain from going on about how this city cannot handle snow), and I am enjoying yet another snow day at home. It's going to be kittens and mail, all day long!

Oberon, snow watcher

And of course, snow-watching.


  1. The UK usually is the place where even less than a foot of snow causes major havoc. Haven't had deep snow for ages. I do remember about 30 years ago building a snowman and my friend's cat sat on its head!

  2. Kittens and mail sounds like a lovely day!

    1. It was lovely indeed! The following day was a work-from-home day, which of course turned into how-many-ways-can-the-kittens-distract-me day.

  3. What a beautiful cat!

    I was looking for a blog about writing letters and found yours. Amazing! Can't wait to read everything! Greetings from Finland - we had some snow few days ago!