Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Practice room vs. writing desk

Practice room combo

I haven't written any letters in weeks. I haven't even sent any postcards. I've been in a practice room, often times the one pictured above. (No, I don't play the drum, but I wish I did!) It's been great work, lots of fruitful musical progress, but only music-related (and school-related) writing.

My semester is wrapping up, and I hope to put pen to paper - and new posts to blog! - later in May. I've got some exciting news to share about summer projects...


  1. Fabulous photo! Best wishes on end of semester.

  2. looking forward to the news about summer projects :) have you seen the darling Shirley Temple stamps? i got some the other day-toooo cute!

    1. Jenny, I haven't seen the Shirley Temple stamps - I haven't even seen the Sarah Vaughan stamps yet! Eeek! Next week at the latest, I'll make it to the post office to get some of the latest releases...

    2. crossing fingers you can get away for a little outing to the post office ;) the Shirley Temple stamps are stinkin cute!!

    3. I will definitely manage that by next week. My last class was today, and I'm wrapping up some final papers in the next couple days. Then, to the post office and pen to paper!