Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good mail place

Mountain Postcrossing view

I'm settling into summer mode, and getting back into the mail groove! I don't have an actual writing desk here, but I brought a stash of stationery, stamps, and postcards, and I did a lot of Postcrossing cards at this table recently. I think this is going to be my prime mail location ... except I keep getting distracted by the view! This Midwestern gal has become entranced by mountain-watching.

Yesterday I walked the 2 miles (and back) to our new PO Box to get the mail. It was a lovely walk, and it's nice to slow life down so that I can take the time to do this. You notice so much more on foot than you do in a car, and you get a much more intimate feel for the neighborhood. Sometime soon I'll have to take some photos of this sweet little post office.

The cats are settling in nicely to our new place as well, and Oberon also enjoys the light:

Evening garden with Oberon

And in other news, Missive Maven on Etsy has reopened, selling just postcards for the summer.

Happy Summer Mail Days!


  1. What an incredible view. I visited Maine 20 years ago, thank you for reminding me of what a gorgeous place it is. We went out to Monhegan Island and I remember laying on the floor in the hotel just looking up at the stars. Lovely memories.

    1. Maine is filled with beautiful places, and the stars can be so lovely. We're in an area with very little light pollution, so on clear nights, the stars are stunning!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful place to spend summer!! I'm enjoying my midwestern town and garden, and we just took a trip up to Lake Michigan- my first time there!

  3. What a wonderful view! Nice place to spend summer for sure.