Monday, March 2, 2009

Direct from blog viewer to letter writer

surprise pearly envelope

Earlier in February, I got the best treat-return from my blog yet: a fellow letter-writer discovered my blog, read for a while and then wrote me a letter about it! I'd never heard of this gal before, but she sent me a stunningly gorgeous letter.

back of pearly envelope

I was first greeted by the pearly envelope - I'm not a great photographer and I haven't mastered that lighting trick, so I can't really show off the subtle pearlescent sheen of this envelope well. The Victorian-esque stickers are fabu, too!

Marie Antoinette Paper Nosh card

But the card inside takes the cake - or should I say, takes the cupcake. It's high rococo Marie Antoinette theme (er, is that rococo?), complete with actual glitter and the phrase "Let them eat cupcakes" (I think) in French.

Back of Paper Nosh card

Here's the back of the card, which also has glitter and an excellent feather quill as part of the logo. It came from Paper Nosh on Etsy, for those of you that are squinting in close to figure it out (like I would be, if I saw a photo of this online!).

I should mention that this glitter was firmly affixed, so I could ooh and ahh at it, shaking it from many angles in the light, without it falling out all over me, my furnishings and my clothing. A definite plus.

Glittery blue writing!

The glitter-liciousness extended right through to the writing on the inside, which must have been done with a blue glitter gel pen, of a variety sparklier than I've seen previously.

Again, here I am plotzing over the pretty face of the letter, but the MOST exciting part was that it was from another letter lover looking to correspond. Of course I've written her back. If she's reading now, thanks for the WONDERFUL happy surprise!