Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soda, the letter helper

Soda helps to write another letter

My cat Soda is ever-helpful when I write letters. She decides when she needs attention, but for some reason it is frequently when I write letters, wherever I am. We usually reach a peaceful balance, after she tries nuzzling my pen hand, when I pet her for a while and then she settles into a position very near where I am writing. It usually involves some re-situating, as she tries to sit ON the letter I'm writing, or on the letter to which I'm responding.

She is preternaturally aware of when I'm writing this particular correspondent (he'll recognize his letter and mine, so he knows who he is), who also has cats, and I frequently remark on how Soda is rolling all over his letters. She says hi.

If you write to me with any regularity, you are sure to hear about Soda the letter kitty.

Incidentally, I'm using cat-themed paper here... ah, the feline goodness.

For the fountain pen folks who are reading this, that's a Pilot SP-100N EF with R&K Alt Bordeaux ink.