Friday, September 2, 2011

Another great giveaway

If you missed my recent postcard giveaway, you can get another chance to win some of my postcards along with a whole slew of wonderful items at the
Letters & Journals September giveaway.

There are beautiful items there, from vendors new to me as well as some of my favorites. The L&J giveaways are always excellent, but I'm especially excited for this one as it's the first time I've donated any of my own items.

Good luck!


  1. I'd like to participate, but I guess the giveaways on the website are for American people only?

  2. Hi Lela,
    I don't see that on the stated rules there, but I don't really know because it's not my giveaway. Jackie and Letters & Journals would be able to say for sure.

  3. Maybe I'll send them an e-mail to ask.

  4. The giveaway is for anywhere. I'll update some standard rules on the site so people know.

    Thanks so much for your donation as well as the blog mention and link! You're a sweetheart!