Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dutch-themed mail art from Sirpa

Dutch Delft-bag envelope from Sirpa

The artistic, talented Sirpa is at it again! She and I both went to the Netherlands recently, and she used one of the very cute Delftware-themed gift bags to make a wonderful envelope. It also features photo stamps of her adorable kitty, Killi! As I told her in my response, this was the first time I had seen photo stamps from any country other than the USA. As always, leave it to Finland to make amazing stamps... I think her photo stamps are prettier, and the photo printing resolution is great. Ah, Finnish stamp envy...

Hand-painted letter book from Sirpa

Then, inside the letter, Sirpa really put her talent to use! That's a hand-painted cover to a letter book she wrote, showing a watercolor bouquet. Wow! Sirpa also blogged about this letter booklet; have a look at her post on it, too. Of course she beat me to it by a long shot... and she's already blogged about my response to that letter, which I'm pretty sure I didn't even photograph from my end.


  1. Love the thoughtful envelope! I like your response, too!

    By the way, this confirms that one of your letters to me has been lost in the mail. You'd told me in early June, I think, that you had just responded to one of my letters, which would've been a couple of weeks after I'd written to you. I figured that was way too fast and that you were thinking of someone else. But if you're already responding to mail from July, then indeed you probably would've answered me by now. So, your last letter to me has hopefully bounced back to you--likely because of the postal strike in June, when mail service between the US and Canada was shut down--but my address hasn't changed. If you haven't gotten it back, please let me know and I'll send my address to you on a postcard.

  2. Eliza, the letter I wrote you in early June was, I think, in response to something from last fall! Eek. I'm sorry you haven't received it, but... I may be confused. In any case I haven't had any letters returned any time recently. Do email me with your real name - there are two Canadians I may be confusing - and I can try to sort it out. I confess I do not respond to letters in a strict chronological order, though, and I do still have some from well before July awaiting responses.

  3. Love this envelope! By the way, I just got a message from Jackie of the Letters & Journals. She said that anyone can participate in those givewaways. Yay!!!

  4. Thank you Ilona for this lovely post and the links to my blog! I've been happy to get a lot of visitors on the grounds of this! :)