Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letters in the Mail: from famous authors, to you

I have never been a fan of the "buy a letter from me" gimmick that some folks employ, though really, - to each her own. However, this new little gimmick from The Rumpus looks pretty intriguing. Their Letters in the mail subscription gets you a letter from a famous author "almost every week." No, the letters are not personalized - everyone got the same letter from Margaret Cho, for example - but it is still an interesting idea, and a great way to give quality writers a little extra income between their publications, no? (I'll give you a little secret: those of you who know me very well already know that my best beloved is a writer, with a real-live hardback novel coming out in future months... but don't worry, I'll tell you ALL ABOUT IT when it's closer to publication. So I'm pretty down with supporting writers.)

Want to know more? I definitely did. Here's an interview with author Stephen Elliott that tells us all a little more about it.

I might try it. I haven't decided yet. [I admit it - curiosity got the better of me and I already signed up!] If you're a reader or a literary type, you might be interested, too. Anyone who's subscribed to Letters in the mail already? I'd love to hear from you about it.