Sunday, January 29, 2012

Embroidered Missive Maven

Soda with Carla's gift 1

My crafty and creative pen pal, Carla (of the Tiny Angry Crafter blog) is pretty darn handy with a needle and thread. Along with a recent letter, she included this fantastic embroidered gift, sewing a cute fountain pen and envelope icon, too.

Soda with Carla's gift 2

Soda and I both love it!


  1. I'm just making happy noises right now, no biggie. I'm really glad you like it, and I'm glad I won Soda's approval!
    I should so more embroidery, maybe after art class =D

  2. Soda is so dang cute. That's some nice needle work. Very, very nice.

  3. Hey Ilona,

    I think this picture would make a great postcard! Soda is ever so photogenic and the embroidered piece is a handcrafted logo.

  4. StoneZebra- what a wonderful idea! :-) Soda is sitting next to me and purring as I type this, and she appreciates that you think she's photogenic.

  5. Great! Please let me know if you decide to make them I'd certainly buy some :-)

  6. I never considered anyone else would be interested in buying one of those postcards - I was considering just making them for myself. If I do, SZ, I'll certainly send some your way. :-)