Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gorgeous new Miles Davis & Edith Piaf stamps

New Miles Davis/Edith Piaf stamp sheet

I don't even know why I'm quite so excited about the latest new U.S. stamp release, the Miles Davis & Edith Piaf stamps. I love jazz, and although Miles Davis is not my favorite, he's certainly one of the greats. I've never been a big Edith Piaf fan. But there's something about the design of these stamps, and the theme of putting the two of them together, that has me utterly smitten.

New Miles Davis/Edith Piaf stamp sheets

Perhaps I just love it when a stamp release is done jointly with two countries: this one is also released in, of course, France, via their postal service, "La Poste." I am charmed by the idea of international collaboration on stamps.

Also, these stamps are just gorgeous! I love the design, with the highlighted image on black.

New Miles Davis/Edith Piaf stamp sheet, back