Monday, June 4, 2012

Par avion, or par avian? Letterbird seals

Letterbird round seal

I've just listed a brand-new item in my etsy shop:

Letterbird sticker seals.

Via airmail, via letterbird - par avian, anyone? This vintage-style swallow brings a new twist to airmail as it carries an envelope in its beak - and the envelope in its beak is sealed with red sealing wax and a sprig of flowers.

Letterbird envelope seals

The swallow is swishing through a blue sky with clouds, as I sometimes fancifully imagine my letters flying on their journeys... the bird presenting the envelope in its beak captures the excitement of the letter it seals.

Letterbird seal on brown paper envelope

The letterbirds are sold in packs of eight (8) self-adhesive glossy round circle sticker seals. They are 1.5" square, full color printing of a vintage-style bird with an envelope in its beak. You can use them to seal envelopes, spice up mail, or decorate letters - an excellent mail art tool!

Letterbird seals, set of 8

If you like mail-related envelope seals, you can check out all 3 designs I currently offer.

Letterbird seal on red envelope

Happy mailing, and write on!