Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last mail art of 2012

Last mail art of 2012

A postcrosser who received one of my postcards asked me if I did any mail art. It occurred to me that I haven't posted about anything I've sent in absolute ages. It's long overdue! I had a tough fall for letter-writing, and my sent stats have been fairly paltry until December, when I really tried to plunge in again as best I could.

I wrote and decorated this letter on December 31, 2012. I had so much fun breaking out my washi tape, stickers, rubber stamps, postage stamps, and all the fixings... they had sat gathering dust for quite a while. My cats Soda and Memo (of blessed memory) adorn the photo stamps, and in fact that stamp of Memo with the fur wig is the last one I had.

:ast mail art of 2012, back

The back of the envelope isn't quite so busy, just some red and black and of course a fine Red Tango cat sticker.

Last mail art of 2012, alternate view

Happy New Year! My best wishes to all blog readers and postal enthusiasts for a fantastic mail year in 2013.