Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update on obtaining vintage unused stamps by theme

I have blogged before about sources for great vintage stamps, and since my "Where DO you get all those awesome old stamps?" post is one of my more popular ones, I thought I should call attention to an update.

For those in the new, there is a fine gentleman, Errol "Murph" Murphy (emurphy3101 at gmail.com), who sells mixed lots of older stamps in great condition for mailing, and sells them in $20 increments. You pay face value plus shipping (and the shipping for the order is usually just letter-rate first class postage). Best of all, you can request a theme. Olympics, nature, animals, politicians - you name it. I had reservations about purchasing from a stranger, but he came highly recommended and he's been delightful to work with. I've ordered from Murph many times, and sent him quite a lot of business from this blog. To quote what he said when I asked if I could promote his services on my blog: "I'm so glad you like the stamps. I do this as a hobby and enjoy it when I can provide stamps at a reasonable price to appreciative collectors and stamp users."

For those in the know, who've worked with Murph before: his longtime contact email address has changed. It is no longer the cot.net address - you can now reach him at emurphy3101 at gmail.com. If you're interested in buying stamps from Murph, just email him at the new gmail address. I also just learned (thanks, @upandonmyway!) that he has a website: murphs-stamps.com, full of lots more information.

Happy stamp shopping!