Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do you use Postable?

I've seen a lot of buzz on Postable lately. I just read a nice post on The Letter Writers Alliance about it. Basically, it seems to function as an online address book, where contacts can update their own info and therefore it stays accurate because the data is live and fresh.

I suppose I am the paranoid curmudgeon. Right now, I am abstaining from it as deliberately as I do from Facebook.

I started to sign up when it first started its social media splash a couple of months ago, but there was something in the signup process that gave me pause. I don't recall the exact wording, so I don't want to get myself in hot water, but I do not entirely trust that the addresses are all private, and not given over to any kind of future sharing. What does Postable really gain from this? I am too suspicious, so I neither have my own account/database, nor do I willingly add my own info - though I realize that folks could add my info manually.

I'm still thinking about it, though, and look forward to feedback from folks who've used it for a while. Many of my favorite and most trustworthy mail pals and mail bloggers use it, so I may be too paranoid here. What do you think? Do you use Postable?