Friday, February 15, 2013

Most frustrating Postcrossing postcard quote this year

I just got a Postcrossing postcard from the UK.

I am utterly, utterly piqued by this quote from it:

"I liked Downton Abbey too but I think it was a bit over the top to kill _________ off. Hope it wasn't a spoiler for you. :-)"

Hey, folks in the UK: please remember that Downton Abbey is about a year behind here in the USA! I had no idea that character was "killed off."

That was a terrible, terrible spoiler for me. (NO SMILEY FACE HERE.) I have avoided all possibilities of spoilers online, and did not think to see it on a postcard. I had no freaking idea of this. (I have redacted the name of the character, to spare all of you the most annoying knowledge I now unwillingly carry.)


Update on 16 Feb 2013: I just got a very sweet message from the sender, who genuinely had no idea that the USA was behind the UK in the series and felt awful for spoiling. Ah well. Now it won't happen again to someone else, and I am touched she took the time to send a sincere apology. Lesson learned for me: I am way too involved in this series, and this is why I generally avoid TV shows!