Monday, March 30, 2009

Glittery Living Dead Dolls letter

Glittery black

Here's a closer look at that black letter from yesterday's post. It's on the Living Dead Dolls stationery I blogged recently, dolled up with glimmer mist, glitter glue, and a fitting Poe stamp.

Poe stamp with glimmer mist

Poe has a glimmer mist glop on his nose. I am not so subtle with my spraying.


  1. I found the link to your blog through Flickr and I'm glad I clicked on it.

    Just the other day I was telling my sweetie how much I miss my pen pals from when I was a teenager. I loved making envelopes out of old magazines, writing on posters, waiting for weeks to hear from them again, spending my pocket money on stamps and airline paper and envelopes... Somehow, I lost track of all of them, and email just isn't the same...

    Great to see that some people still keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Eveline!

    If you miss your pen pals enough to start up with new ones, I can recommend a lot of resources for you. I've even found a bunch through Flickr.