Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pen-stamped envelope

Fountain-pen stamped envelope

This fantastic envelope came to me from a very knowledgeable fountain pen aficionado pen pal. If memory serves, I believe his wife did the stamping.

Fountain-pen stamped envelope, back

I am envious of such a fine collection of fountain-pen-themed rubber stamps! They sure jazz up an envelope nicely.


  1. I love the decorative envelope! I miss receiving decorative envelopes. Where did they get those fun fountain pen stamps? Please do share.

  2. No idea where they got those stamps, Stephanie.

  3. What a fantastic envelope!!!!!

  4. As the writer of said letter, I can tell you that the stamps were done by my wife. I can also tell you that she had to buy a huge sheet of unmounted rubber stamps (she's very serious about this stuff) and cut them out and mount them on foam to use with acrylic blocks for stamping. They are red rubber and make beautiful impressions easily. I think she did a lot of searching around in various websites that feature sheets of unmounted stamps. So there is work involved.