Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another sort of penvelope

Another penvelope

This lovely meta-decorated envelope came in from Sirpa, my favorite Finnish mail-artist pen pal. I think every one if Sirpa's letters has been a work of art - literally, as she hand-paints many of them! She took my love of pens and meta-writing themes and crafted a beautifully decorated envelope.

Another penvelope, back

More nibby goodness on the back.

Another penvelope with kitty pictures

Here you can see a bit of her hand-painted border stationery peeking out from beneath photos of her adorable new kitty, Killi! Yay for getting a cat!

In her post "Letter to a fountain pen lover," she posted more photos of this letter, including a better one than I took of the way she painted around the edge of the paper.

I think it's so much fun to see before and after mailing photos of letters. This one survived beautifully, as mail from Finland usually does.


  1. So lovely to see this in your blog! It's interesting, as you say, to see how the delivery looks as received additionally to that how it looked as sent. I like the picture you took of the envelope, letter and pictures of Killi! - And thanks for the link again! :)

  2. Lovely work and lucky you to have such a delightfully thoughtful penpaller.