Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shag postcrossing jag


I'm on a Shag jag! Here's yet another Postcrossing offering, this one sent to Austria, with artwork by the ever-beloved Shag (aka Josh Agle), from the Shag Postcard book a la Chronicle Books.

I forgot the title of this one. Oops. I already sent it today.

Love the facial expression of the waiter - oh so surly!


  1. I love your collection of mod postcards! Before reading this post, I had no idea that postcards came in book form. I had often wondered where people find such eclectic postcards. All I tend to see for sale are touristy cards. Another Postcrossing blogger, postcardsandroadtrips, collects Kaj Stenvall postcards which I find quite amusing and artistic. Anyway, thanks for sharing your fun mail art!

  2. Maybe you've mentioned this before, but Chronicle Books postcards are fountain-pen and liquid-media friendly (unlike, for example, Pomegranate postcards, which come on aggressively nasty coated stock).

  3. Joseph, good point - but not ALL the Chronicle Books postcards are fountain-pen friendly. These, unfortunately, are not. The backs are very cutely decorated as well, but because they background is color, the ink pools and does not soak into the paper. I stick to sharpies and gel pens for the Shag postcard backs.

  4. Another cherished illusion demolished! I've ordered a Shag book anyway--I have some iron gall inks and other artsy tricks up my sleeve...