Saturday, May 28, 2011

Schmoomunitions cat postcards

Worried cat postcard by Schmoomunitions

I don't even remember when I found out about the fabulous Schmoomunitions on etsy, but I've been very enamored of her cat postcards ever since. They mostly looks sort of forlorn, but very feline, and they pull at my heartstrings without being excessively cutesy. The one shown above is from her Worried cat postcard set of 5.

When I lost my dear cat Memo, I received quite a few very sweet letters and postcards of condolence. They really brought me a lot of comfort, and it was part of my ritual to respond to a condolence letter/postcard immediately, and I always did so on one of the Schmoomunitions postcards. I ended up ordering more when I ran out, just because the mood seemed perfect to thank someone for acknowledging my grief.

Schmoomunitions cat postcards

I wrote a few in one day and photographed them all sitting on my table, knowing that I'd eventually do a blog post about it.

I love how she describes the name of her shop so I'm going to quote it directly:

And the name Schmoomunitions comes from my dearest deceased cat "Schmoo" and ammunitions as in artillary as in things needed to protect yourself from the harshnesses of modern life. So having one of my artworks will protect your emotional state just like a bazooka!!!!!

In the days and weeks right after Memo was gone, I certainly felt like I could use some extra protection of my emotional state!

She also notes that she takes care of a group of feral cats, and purchases from her shop will help with their care.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the backs of some of the postcards, too - some of them are different, but they're all really cute.