Monday, November 21, 2011

'Tis nearly the season...

It's the appropriate time of year to go ahead and direct folks to my oft-viewed "A word on holiday cards, or, why I don't do Christmas" post. (It's in my top 10 most-viewed posts, wow!)

If you're really interested, there's some fairly in-depth dialogue in the comments section.

The short bit: don't send me a Christmas card, please.

The long bit: read why.


  1. I really appreciate that post (again and again).

    Happy Sukkot. ;) I only know that was recent because my roommate has started getting back into organized religion.

  2. Ew, don't even say that it's already that time of year. It isn't even Halloween yet, let alone post-Thanksgiving. Blech.

  3. Holiday cards make me cringe as well. My mom always sends me one reguardless however, she is Mom I just expect it shes my Mom. She is also convinced my walk away from the faith i was raised in is a phase despite I did it over 10 years ago. Se la Vi.

  4. i came accros your blpog and love it

    grt Roos (a newbie at letter-blog)