Thursday, February 2, 2012

Postcrossing: I achieved my top 200 goal!

I made the top 200!

I've been nursing a silly little goal for a while now, and I finally achieved it: I have made the top 200 Postcrossing senders in the USA (by sent number, not by distance yet).

There are a LOT of high-volume Postcrossers in the USA, so this is a happy achievement for me. It's a little discouraging when I send to or receive from a user in another country who's sent fewer postcards than I have but is in their own country's top 10 or top 50... but really, why am I so competitive?

Anyway, January was a fun month for Postcrossing.

Incidentally, yet another new-to-mail-and-mail-blogging enthusiast has declared this month - February 2012 - a month of letters. She's getting some killer publicity (the Guardian??) and has a lovely website and Twitter feed. I'm participating by default - I pretty much send a piece of mail every day - but do check out