Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally found it: Hallmark 1979 Muppet Show Stationery

Box for Hallmark 1979 Muppet Stationery

For a stationery hound with a Muppet obsession like me, this 1979 Hallmark Muppet Show stationery is like the holy grail. Man oh man. I trolled eBay for quite some time hoping this puppy would show up.

Hallmark 1979 Muppet Stationery

It's like Muppet meta - they're writing letters! I would like to note for the record that Kermit is clearly left-handed. I have a few Muppet notepads from this era (yeah yeah, to be photographed and posted "one of these days"), and it also shows Kermit as a leftie.

I don't send the precious Muppet stuff unless I know you like Muppets. Are you Muppet-worthy? Tee hee.

(Did I mention I grew up on the Muppets?)