Friday, February 20, 2009

I can't believe my luck!!

Chronicle Books fold and mails ON SALE!!

The other day I was wondering around in my favorite el cheapo super-discount store, when I hit the jackpot in the stationery aisle -- a whole slew of Chronicle Books fold and mails on sale! These puppies retail for at least $8, but they were only a dollar a piece. Of course I bought out most of their stock. I got 5 (FIVE, people!!) Wallace and Gromit, 2 Catwoman, 2 Pink Panther, plus an Opus and a Mutts. Zowie. I have plenty of fold and mails now! Also picked up some cute notepads, too - not Chronicle Books, unfortunately, and the paper is not as fountain-pen friendly as I'd like (just in the little notepads; the fold-and-mail paper is great for FPs), but hey - it's fun to match the Catwoman fold-and-mail with Catwoman notepaper.

For anyone who lives in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, I found these in an Ocean State Job Lot. The various stores often have similar stock, so maybe you'll find some in a Job Lot near you!