Thursday, February 19, 2009

spooky swirls

spooky swirls

More lovely hand-drawn stationery from a sendsomething pen pal. I wish I could do this! It's such a treat to receive and open a letter like this, with such unique and personal artwork.

Incidentally, I wrote her on sendsomething and she's since become a faithful pen pal! How cool is that?


  1. That's really cool! How great to get a faithful pen pal from a web site like that, especially someone who draws her own letter-decorations.

    Incidentally, I've always wondered about It looks like a site I would be wary about, since there's no real introduction to it on the front page. Do you have mostly good experiences with it? How does it work? (Is your address viewable to anyone in the database? Isn't that a little insecure, if anyone can sign up?)

    I'd appreciate answers to these questions, but not necessary! I just wanted to pose them and get them out of my head.

  2. I've had only good experiences with it. Once you log in, you can do a random search or search for specific terms (I came to the above gal through searching for bats, which we both love). Then you see listings for people - some write a little about themselves, some write a log.

    Yes, your address is viewable to anyone who signs up with a login. I don't mind, personally, because I don't live at my mailing address. I am far more worried about my address getting spread indiscriminately through things like market research, catalogue mail list sales, and all these credit card company database leaks, etc. That being said, is probably not for someone who is really concerned with security.

    I'd recommend The Letter Exchange for that - totally secure. You can actually correspond with people without having to know or share addresses. However, it is far from instant gratification - it's kind of the slow and patient route.

  3. Thanks for the comprehensive, prompt response! (Something I'm obviously not good at, but nonetheless can appreciate.)

    I would never know what kind of random searches to do, so that doesn't sound like a good thing for me. That, and I don't want my address to be visible to everyone on the site. I have so many different addresses right now because I move around a lot, and only a few of them are resident addresses, but I still feel a little weird about strangers knowing who I am and where I am.

    That said, at the same time it would be weird to correspond so anonymously as you describe through The Letter Exchange. For now I'm just going to correspond with people I've gotten to know through the Internet or friends. Until I'm a real letter addict...