Thursday, February 5, 2009

Send me some gmail stickers already!

Send me some gmail stickers already!

This is so cool I can hardly believe it - Gmail is giving away free stickers! Quick! Check it out on the Google blog.

I am breaking my own rules of blogging (but they're my rules, so... it's kinda fun to let myself break 'em sometimes) by posting this photo and info ahead of a whole bunch of letter photos that are still waiting to be posted, because this is just so damn cool.

You have to WRITE to gmail, via old fashioned snail mail, and send a SASE. How cool is that?? I love Gmail, it is such a smart and simple email interface, and I have long thought the red M envelope logo would make a great mailing sticker. And now it IS a sticker, complete with sparkly background! I am totally salivating over the unicorn one. I promise to post photos of them once they arrive. I am not skilled enough to include the photos of the stickers that are on the gmail blog, so really, just follow the link to take a gander, it's worth it.

Above is my note I wrote to the gmail-ers, included with the SASE. The very cute notepad is from original artwork by Annette at; that design is called, charmingly, "where rainbows come from."

Otay, enough babbling - go get your gmail stickers. They say the free sticker offer ends 14 Feb 2009, so you have a little more than a week to get crackin'.

I'll leave you with the back of the envelope I sent gmail, including my awful attempted doodle of the Gmail M envelope logo.

Envelope for Gmail stickers