Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beauty Batty

Beauty Batty

This fabulous blog reader letter from Ireland came on the cutest stationery: Beauty Batty!

Beauty batty envelope

Obviously I went "squeee!!" and kvelled over it for a while before I even opened it.

Beauty Batty page

The inside page did not disappoint - what cute little batties! I should mention that it was also a delightful letter. I don't hear a lot from Ireland, so that was cool in and of itself, but this was a fine letter to receive.

Is it Halloween yet??!

Here are a couple of closer looks at these plump little bats.

Happy autumn bat

Note the "you're beautiful because you smile at me" line at the bottom of the printed page.

Thai peacock stamps, from Ireland!

Does this gal read my blog well or what? She actually sent me some of those gorgeous Thai peacock stamps I'd previously praised! Who would have thunk I'd get Thai stamps from Ireland?

Thai peacock stamps

Postal joy.