Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog reader letter: my name in Hebrew

Blog reader letter: my name in Hebrew

A young blog reader** wrote me a letter with my name in Hebrew in the salutation. I have a few blog readers that are sweet to write my name in other characters, but the Hebrew I could actually read! What fun. The vowels are confusing, but then again... Hebrew vowels (or vowel substitutes) are sort of always confusing.

Hebrew hello

I wish I had managed to get the whole line AND her cool horse carousel sticker all in one shot, but I didn't, so two photos will have to do.

**Let no one say that young people don't write letters any more! I get a ton of blog reader letters from the under-25 set. This brings extra joy, to know that new generations of letter enthusiasts, who never knew life without email, are keeping the tradition going.