Thursday, December 10, 2009

British post boxes


This lovely postcard came to me from the gal behind A Postcard A Day. A while back (in August, specifically) she blogged about these lovely stamps and postcards, and offered to send one to the first few people who emailed her. Lucky for me, I was one of those folks!


She included the matching stamp for this postcard, and some very cool UK knight-looking stamps as well.


Here's a closer look. How delightful, and delightfully meta!


  1. I thought I'd commented to say thanks for the mention when I first saw your post, but apparently not. I'm intrigued that there seems to be almost no postmark apart from a barcode. I've had a large supply of old low denomination stamps given to me but they are rapidly being used up. A shame, because I've enjoyed sending a mixture of stamps on my postcards.

  2. Sheila, I've been amazed by how many pieces of mail reach me with no postmark. Some don't even have the barcode! That happens on both international and domestic mail. It certainly does make the stamps arrive in prettier condition, though.